At JDV Partners, one of our main objectives is to assist different vulnerable communities. We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and the value of Business Sustainability governed by the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), with a strategy focused on Environmental, Governance, and social issues. We understand the importance of contributing to a fair and equitable world. That’s why we are proud to support organizations like Fundación Somos Visibles in Moñitos, Córdoba.

Somos Visibles is a non-profit organization that seeks the empowerment and self-management of peripheral communities through temporary interventions and two basic pillars: group psychosocial interventions and quality education. The organization adapts to community practices and culture, focusing on being facilitators, allowing each person to be responsible for their own change and transformation.

Our contribution helped the Foundation realize the dream of having its own headquarters, which is a significant step in its growth and development. With this new headquarters, they will be able to provide better services to communities in the area and project greater transformation. We are proud to contribute to long-reaching projects like that of Somos Visibles, and we will continue to support organizations that seek to improve the quality of life for vulnerable communities.


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About JDV Partners

JDV Partners, an international leader in Human Resources Consulting, Recruitment, and Personnel Selection, specializes in eight (8) interconnected sectors (Logistics / Infrastructure and Construction / IT & Telco / Renewable Energies / Electric Power / Hydrocarbons / Mining / Government). It is experiencing sustained growth in all regions where it operates, focusing its approach on Human Resources with services such as Recruitment and Personnel Selection, Training and Development, Workplace Wellbeing, Implementation of Human Resources Software, Outplacement, Payroll Administration, among others.

Our proposal actively seeks business relationships with companies conducting operations in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

For more details about JDV Partners’ services in Human Resources Consulting, Recruitment, Personnel Selection, Workplace Wellbeing, and others, please contact Juan David Viñas, Managing Director, at +57 300 5551290 or via email at



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