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What is our difference?

Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has more than 40,000 pre-screened candidates gathered during the course of our business. This tool along with Job Advertisements in specialized industry platforms and our referral network, allow us to optimize our selection processes and efficiently identify top candidates.
When it comes to finding key talent for cross-functional areas of your business such as Human Resources, Finance, Communications, Legal, among others, we encourage our clients to choose from a wide range of candidates with extensive experience in industries similar to theirs in order to increase the success margin on the long-term. Maybe the position you are trying to fill requires specific and technical industry knowledge and experience, regardless the scenario, our firm can become your best resource to find an ideal match, based on your needs and organizational values, so you can achieve your goals.


Employee wellbeing

  • Internal benefits program flexibilization.
  • Personalized training sessions are divided into 5 categories (Prosper, eat, move, play, relax & shop).
  • Emotional wellness, active listening, psychotherapy, and nutrition.

Executive search

  • Senior consultants with proven track record of succesful C-level talent search and placement (Presidents, Vicepresidents, Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, General Managers, among others).
  • Vast internal and external network reach, sourced locally and globally.

Single search

  • Single search for Management, Mid-Management and Professional roles.
  • Different employment contract types: Permanent, Fixed term and/or Consulting Services.
  • Single search for both operational and support areas.

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

  • Large-scale staffing and recruitment projects.
  • Capability to search for Expatriates/ Repatriates, Professionals (Nationals) as well as Project area recruitment (Communities).
  • Great choice for operational start-up phase and/or expansion projects.

Talent Mapping

  • Forward-seeking and analytical process that optimizes the Hiring times.
  • Ideal for tailor-made projects and/or bidding processes.
  • Anticipation to risks in Career Succession Planning programs.

Labor Hire

  • Stay flexible and scale your workforce up or down when required
  • Direct employment contract through JDV Partners Inc.
  • Includes Payroll services, para-fiscal contributions and registration, employment contract elaboration, personnel hire and termination as well as severance calculations.


  • 1 on 1 professional advisory in the career transition stage.
  • Realistic and objective vision of the current labor market.
  • Social Responsibility towards your employees.

Specialized in cross-industries

Renewable Energy

Oil and Gas


Electric power

IT & Telco

Infrastructure & construction