Recruitment Feedback

Recruitment Feedback

Some people might struggle to give or receive correct feedback after a recruitment process, nevertheless it will always be positive to receive or give feedback in an accurate way with certain professionalism and being straight forward.

This is a very critical point in the world of Recruitment and Selection of Personnel. We see constantly candidates claiming for proper feedback from the companies when they apply for a certain job.

As a ground rule it happens more frequently in companies with a high volume of personnel and in large scale Recruitment Projects with a short deadline to be finished. This is one of the variables that gets lost in the middle of the process, and as sustainable organizations we need to understand that even though we have successfully closed a job with the ideal candidate in one hand, in the other hand we have a lot of candidates who participated in the recruitment process and made it until a certain phase of the process that are still waiting for a feedback.

It is important to understand that we are dealing with people, not with products, and they deserve respect and to get a proper feedback from us telling them that the company has decided to choose another candidate in the market whose qualifications were more aligned to the cultural fit of the company, managerial style of the immediate boss or just simply a better fit to the main requirements of the role.

It might be truth that the feedback given to the finalists is generally speaking more detailed, that the one for the other applicants, which do not fit the general criteria of the role, nevertheless it is very important as a company to count with the systems and operating tools to give a proper feedback to each one the candidates who were interested in presenting their CV to us and participating in the recruitment process.

If a company tells you that a process is in stand-by modus, it means in one hand that there is still a possibility that it will reopen, but on the other hand a possibility that the process will never reopen again, since as we might understand in a company, there are several organizational changes, restructuring or redesign of strategies, that might play in favor or against the recruitment and hiring process.

I can give faith of this, that we in JDV Partners always give a final feedback to every single candidate no matter if it is 6 months or more time, after the role has been opened, since many times there are certain variables that depend of an answer from the client or the conjunction that the market or country is currently facing.


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