Today, where we are all interconnected, addressing the topic of networking can feel more like an obligation than an opportunity. However, true networking isn’t about accumulating an extensive list of contacts or filling your LinkedIn with connections. The magic happens when you build genuine and lasting professional relationships. Here, we’ll tell you how to transform those interactions into connections that are not only numerous but meaningful.

Effective networking is distinguished by the quality and depth of the relationships we establish. Beyond exchanging business cards or gaining followers on social media, it focuses on creating bonds based on mutual respect, support, and the exchange of value. This kind of genuine connection is what truly enhances our professional lives.

The way you approach new connections can make the difference between a superficial contact network and a solid, authentic professional community. Here are some essential pillars to cultivate the right mindset:

  • Prioritize listening: Showing genuine interest in what others have to say is essential for creating meaningful connections.
  • Authenticity: Nothing feels more artificial than trying to be someone you’re not. People value and are drawn to genuineness.
  • Help selflessly: If you have the opportunity to help, do it. Good deeds tend to come back to you.
  • Stay connected: Consistency in communication is crucial to keeping relationships alive. A simple follow-up message can do a lot.
  • Balance the digital and real world: Social networks are powerful tools for networking, but in-person interactions have their own charm.


Thanks to technology, expanding and maintaining your network is more accessible than ever. LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and even Instagram can become great allies if used strategically. Using them appropriately will allow us to maximize our networking opportunities.

There are many success stories among those who have been able to leverage the power of effective networking. From unexpected job opportunities to fruitful collaborations, the possibilities are as vast as the relationships we are capable of cultivating.

Effective networking is an invaluable skill in the professional world. By focusing on building meaningful relationships, we not only enrich our career but also our professional life. It is an investment that requires time, sincerity, and effort, but whose return can exceed the initial investment.

We invite you to view networking in this new light, start today to build your network intentionally, focusing on the quality of your connections. Remember, the true value of networking lies in the depth of the relationships you manage to create.



Sofia Hurtado

Marketing & Administrative Analyst

JDV Partners


Specialized Recruitment Labor Hire Outplacement / Employee Wellbeing



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