CSR at JDV Partners

CSR at JDV Partners

Corporate Social Responsibility @ JDV Partners

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It is a pleasure for us to inform our community that as part of our compromise and vision regards Corporate Social Responsibility we have supported ACDM Foundation, an entity whose main focus is to support and improve the standard of living for children with muscular dystrophy.

We thank all our clients who make it possible that we can contribute in such a way to improve the conditions of the vulnerable population.


About JDV Partners

JDV Partners is a Human Resources Consulting firm whose main focus is in Recruitment, Employee Wellbeing, and Outplacement with a primary focus in Latin America, the United States, and Europe. Additionally supports companies from an Accounting and Legal perspective when wanting to set-up a Business entity in any Spanish-speaking country with an integral Human Resources vision.

For further information please write us an email to admin@jdvpartners.com or simply call +57 3005551290.



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